Woman’s body identified


Latest: 11:15 am, 2/20/2017, Monday 

DANVILLE — The name of the woman whose body was pulled from Lake Vermilion, Saturday, has been released. 

An autopsy is set for Tuesday to determine the cause of death for 19-year old La’Bresha Lillard, of Danville. 

Update: 7:00 pm, 2/18/17, Saturday

DANVILLE — Investigators say a woman’s body was found in a car pulled from Lake Vermilion Saturday morning.

The Vermilion County Sheriff’s Office says they got the call a little before 7 am. It happened near the boat dock on Denmark Road.

People usually go to Lake Vermilion to relax, but Saturday morning was anything but peaceful. An early morning 911 call quickly turned into a full-on investigation.

Officials blocked off the entrance to the boat ramp, leaving neighbors wondering what was going on.

Neighbor Suzie Thompson said, “I went to work this morning and I saw one sheriff department person at the ramp and then I came back about an hour and a half or so later and there were two.”

Her husband says boat ramp blockages are pretty common.

“They do that occasionally, maybe once or twice a year. And the normal thing they find out is that somebody was going to go fishing and they got out of their truck or car with their boat hooked up and forgot to set the parking brake.”

If that happens, their car rolls into the water. It’s something the Thompson’s say they see once or twice a year. But Saturday’s events were different.

Investigators and divers searched the water and uncovered a car with a woman’s body inside.  

Suzie said, “I saw multiple sheriff’s cars and then talked to some friends and they said there were ambulances there.”

Like the Thompson’s, others around the lake say they didn’t see much. But what they did see worried them.

Thompson says, “We were expecting just the ordinary fish a boat out and now we found out that somebody’s either taken their life or had their life taken.”

Investigators say they aren’t sure exactly what happened to the woman in the car or why it ended up in the lake. It left the neighborhood and the victim’s family waiting for answers.

Suzie says, “It’s scary. I mean, we don’t really know what happened, so I guess the unknown is scary.”

Investigators worked for hours to recover the car and clear the scene. They finished around noon.

Investigators say they don’t suspect foul play. The victim’s family was at the scene. The name of the woman has not been released.

Original: 12:40 pm, Saturday, 2/18/17

VERMILION COUNTY — A woman’s body was recovered by the dive team Saturday morning near the boat ramp area at Lake Vermilion, off Denmark Road, in Danville.

Investigators say they got a call around 6:45 am, for a report of a car in the lake. Dive teams located the vehicle and discovered the body still inside.

Captain Michael Hartshorn says foul play is not suspected. Police are still investigating.

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