WATSEKA, Ill. (WCIA) — As masks start to become more prevalent again, you may have trouble finding them in stores.

There’s more demand right now, but there are still several people in the Central Illinois continuing to make their own. Angie Potts has been making masks since the pandemic started. She, her mother, and her daughter’s Girl Scout Troop have supplied them to hundreds of people in Watseka, and she’s not stopping yet.

“I have yet to charge for any. Like I said, my Girl Scouts we gave them away to everybody, that was part of a project that they did. Between my mom and I we have done just about, probably between 500-700 hundred her and I have accounted for and I have yet to charge for a mask,” Angie Potts said.

She says she uses two layers of 100-percent cotton for the masks and makes sure they’re CDC approved. If you want to contact her for a mask, her Facebook is down below.