Woman charged with murder & arson appears in court



“She’d just lie to you, you know, just come down and lie to you,” John J.T. Piper, Stefanie Sanders neighbor, said.

That’s the thought from a neighbor about a mother accused of killing her baby and boyfriend in a fire. A mother was charged today for the deaths of her 2 month old baby and her boyfriend.

We told you Stefanie Sanders was arrested for the murder of her boyfriend Michael Phipps and her baby daughter Nettie Phipps.

“She’s the one that’s got to pay the price one day, the baby was helpless,” Piper said.

A mother was in court for the murders of her boyfriend, Michael Phipps, and her two-month old baby.

“She had an obligation to those kids too,” Piper said.

On March first, first responders arrived to a vermilion home to find Stefanie Sanders and two kids had escaped a house fire, but not everyone made it out. Phipps and the sanders’ baby died of thermal exposure and carbon monoxide poisoning.

“Now the baby don’t got a chance,” Piper said.

John Piper was Sanders’ neighbor and friends with her grandpa, John Sanders. He said her family was trying their best to get her on the right track.

“I tried to help her out. I fixed her car for her a couple times, and I don’t think she appreciated what people did for her,” Piper said.

“John said I’m going to give her a chance and give her the house,” Piper said.

Now, he’s left to clean up the pieces of the burnt up house, while the judge told Sanders she could face up to 60 years behind bars if convicted.

“Her grandpa was trying to take care of her, straighten her out,” Piper said.

Police have not said what Sanders is accused of doing that led to their deaths. The lawyers in the case did not want to speak with us on camera. Sanders will be back in court later this month.

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