Woman and dogs survive serious crash


After a crash early Monday morning, a woman said she got the good news she needed.

Patricia Klotz had two small puppies in her car when a truck slammed into the back of it and sent it rolling.

State Police say it happened on I-57 South near Arcola, just before 2:00 a.m.

She and the dogs are expected to be okay.

Klotz said she is lucky to be alive, because in that moment, she didn’t think she was going to make it.

She has a long recovery ahead of her, but she said some good news she got will make the process easier.

Klotz said “all I could remember thinking was, we’re all going to die, because this is a bad one.”
She  is no stranger to car accidents.
But this time was different…
“It was the most surreal thing because I’ve always been on the other end being a fire paramedic. I’m always the one on the outside getting people out,” said Klotz.
Thanks to her training, she knew how to get herself out.
When it happened, her first thought was on her furry passengers.
“The puppies were screaming, and I just didn’t know what to do,” said Klotz.
“One of the police officers brought this puppy to us at about 3:30 this morning,” said veterinary technician Melissa Fletcher.
Fletcher said she was surprised it was alive.
“To be in that kind of a wreck with that much force behind it, and knowing they were in a crate and that crate was broken, and they could be anywhere,” said Fletcher.
Sure enough, Fletcher soon found out the other puppy was missing
“One of the receptionists who works here…I knew she had some friends down in the area, so I happened to contact her and ask if she knew of anybody who could go down there and search,” said Fletcher.
A huge search began…one that ended quickly, and happily.
“It just…it was a well-orchestrated operation and everybody gave over and beyond
Klotz has a fractured arm, a swollen eye, and an injured hip.
She can rest easy, knowing the puppies are in good hands until she’s better.
“I can’t wait for the babies to get to their new home and grow up and be happy,” said Klotz.
Klotz is a French Bulldog breeder.
She was on her way back from Iowa to take the dogs to their buyer.
Since her phone was lost in the accident, she has had no way of contacting them to let them know what happened.
State police said the driver who hit Klotz’s vehicle was not drunk.
Police said he got a ticket, but no word on what it was for.
Klotz said troopers told her the driver admitted he was in a hurry to get home.

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