SAVOY, Ill. (WCIA) — The Windsor Singers gave a special performance for their Memorial Day celebration this year. Veteran residents gave speeches, and they were presented with handmade quilts to honor their service.

Windsor celebrated their 35th anniversary and Quilt of Valor representatives came down to hand deliver their gifts. The quilts are handmade by volunteers who want to show appreciation for veterans or service members touched by war.

Each quilt has three layers. One representing patriotism with themes and colors. The batting or filler is for warmth representing hope for peace and comfort. The back of the quilt represents the strength of those who gave their lives.

“It shows the respect they deserve for the work that they’ve done. I think everyone recognizes their time in service, everything that they’ve given up, what their families went through while they were away,” said Nancy Mella-Oliver, Windsor Administrator.

“We don’t follow a special pattern every time. So, each one really has the creativity of the stitchers in the quilt. So, it’s an honor when we’re working on these that we remember who we’re making it for,” said Kay Miller, Quilts of Valor Coordinator.

They only had enough to hand out 20 quilts at the ceremony, but they will return to gift the rest.