SAVOY, Ill. (WCIA) — Winter weather is on the way, but Willard Airport is on its way to completing repairs after a storm tore off part of the roof in June.

Executive Director Tim Bannon said they have been working at repairing the terminal for months after water damage. They are over halfway done. The roof is finished, and now, they are fixing things on the inside.

“The weather hasn’t impacted us at all. And the weather for the flights, we’ve been really fortunate,” Bannon said. “We haven’t got any snow yet, which is great.

He said they are still fully functional, and with the airport opening gate three next week, they will be able to accommodate more passengers.

“We expect about 75,000 placements this year, so people getting on aircrafts here from our airport. So that’s been really good. We’ve recovered really well from the COVID years,” Bannon said.

He said he’s not worried and the airport is ready for holiday travelers.

“Everybody will be taken care of,” Bannon said. “We don’t have any increased flight schedule for the holidays. This is a standard flight schedule. So we have four flights a day, and those flights will just likely be pretty fully booked.”

Next year, the airport will have a new project kicking off. They will be expanding their TSA line, creating more space to check people in faster.