BLOOMINGTON, Ill. (WCIA) — “For right now, no impact, no concerns, no issues at Central Illinois regional airport,” Carl Olson, Executive Director at Central Illinois Regional Airport, said.

While Central Illinois airports aren’t having flight delays, bigger airports across the nation are experiencing something different. There’s national concern that new 5G high-speed internet may cause problems for some airlines, but that might not be the case across Central Illinois.

The FAA is concerned the 5G could interfere with systems that help pilots land, specifically when its harder to see or bad weather.

The 5G can make it harder for pilots to also know exactly where they are at. So nationally, big cities are warning that flights may get canceled. Airports in Central Illinois say they don’t see this being a problem. Willard Airport in Savoy, the Decatur Airport and Central Illinois Regional Airport in Bloomington say currently they are not impacted by the 5G issues and that right now none of their flights have been delayed or canceled from this.

“We received no information from either any of our operating airline partners or from the FAA that there’s going to be any interruption, any problems whatsoever related to 5G here at CIRA,” Olson said.

“We’re committed to reaching a solution around 5G deployment that maintains the highest level of safety while minimizing disruptions to passenger travel, cargo operation and our economic recovery,” Jen Psaki, White House Press Secretary, said.

They also said the 5G rollout has been delayed by AT&T and Verizon. Some U.S. carriers said they may see disruptions. Delta Airlines said they may experience cancelations at dozens of U.S. airports. While Skywest, which flies out of Decatur Airport says if weather gets bad in certain locations, it may cause an impact on flying with the 5G issue.

Nationally and internationally, Dubai-based Emirates, which is a key carrier for east to west travel, said it’s stopping flights to Boston, Chicago, Dallas-Fort Worth, Houston and more. Qatar Airways also anticipates minor delays on return flights from the U.S., but says otherwise, its dozen U.S. routes are operating as planned.