Will events happen this summer?


Sidney, Ill. (WCIA) —

“Its all a great time and I think, again, people just want to get out and have fun again,” Mike Roy, an organizer of the Sidney Fun Daze, said.

After about a year of being cooped up, people are ready to go back to a typical summer, but it won’t be easy. Areas throughout Central Illinois are hopeful for normalcy. This means summer events, festivals, and live music, but they have some hurdles to jump through.

While some places are feeling hopeful about having events, fairs, and festivals back, it’s hard to make definite plans with the pandemic still around.

“People are just wanting to do some things, get back to some sense of normalcy,” Roy said.

After a year of staying at home and events canceled last summer, a lot of people are ready to get back to normal, but it may be challenging for some organizers.

“That’s what we’re going to try to do in the safest way possible with guidelines and proper protocols in place,” Roy said.

People in the Village of Sidney are planning the annual Sidney Fun Daze for the last weekend of July, but its hard to make definite plans, when no one is certain where we’ll be in this pandemic.

“Try to work with what the public wants and how we can do it within whatever guidelines we get whenever we get them,” Roy said.

Mike Roy, who is helping organize the Fun Daze, says they need to know guidelines by June 1st. Otherwise, they could lose money if plans fall through due to a set back in the pandemic.

“We’re all in the same boat. We’re just trying to figure out how far do we plan out because we don’t want to lose more money or any more money than we already have,” Roy said.

Other cities are also making plans, like the city of Decatur, who has already rented out land for events.

“We’ve been in this pandemic, unfortunately, for a year, and so we’ve learned how to manage it. We’ve learned stuff that we didn’t know a year ago about how we can keep people safe, but still enjoy all the activities that summer brings us,” Scot Wrighton, Decatur City Manager, said.

They are also making sure people abide by Covid-19 guidelines, but believe people can still have some fun, while being safe.

“As long as some of these basic rules that all of us have been abiding by for most of the year are included in their event, then we want events to go forward,” Wrighton said.

Both are hopeful and excited for a fun summer, and a sense of normalcy.

“We’re excited as a group. We just want to make some things happen and bring some positivity back to this whatever this is,” Roy said.

Most events have a date where they need to know if it will definitely happen or not, or at least know the extent of Covid-19 guidelines.

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