Will cities look at allowing marijuana sales again?


DECATUR, Ill. (WCIA) – Illinois will soon give out more than 180 licenses for people to own marijuana dispensaries.

This isn’t the first time cities had the chance to legalize the sale of marijuana in their city.

Places like Champaign and Springfield have been selling it, while others have said no.

Patrick McDaniel was on the Decatur City Council when they first voted not to allow marijuana sales in the city, and he was one of those no votes, but he said he’s open to the idea of farming it.

He voted no to the sale of marijuana in Decatur, because he said it would bring more problems to the area.

He said he was part of a group that talked to experts and did research on other states, and he didn’t like what he found.

He said if he was still on the council now and the issue came up, he would vote no again, but he would consider it if someone proposed making a farm and growing the marijuana to sell other places.

“Because it does create jobs that way. More jobs than, lets say, a retail outlet would do,” he said.

His advice for the current council is to do research, listen to the public in Decatur, and research surrounding cities and states to make the most educated decision.

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