“Why mess with it?” immunocompromised woman rolls up her sleeve and gets third COVID shot


URBANA, Ill. (WCIA) – We’ve told you before, a certain group in the country is having to get a third COVID-19 shot.

“Because they didn’t adequately form antibodies to really prevent them from getting COVID like we’d hope they would,” Brian Laird, with OSF healthcare, said.

That includes people taking medication that suppresses their immune system. Like people in cancer treatments, or who have gotten organ or stem cell transplants.

People like Cheryl Weaver.

“I have polycystic kidneys, so I got a transplant last July,” Weaver said.

That means she’s taking medication that weakens her immune system. Unlike other people who haven’t had an organ transplant, or who fall in this category.

That’s why she got the third vaccine as soon as she could.

“Why mess with it, you know, please go get it done to protect yourself, be able to be around your family and be more involved. I think it’s very important,” she said.

Weaver is also a pharmacist at OSF health care. So, she said she’s been watching the vaccine data and waiting for when she would get the same protection as almost everyone else.

And she’s not the only one she’s been watching it for. Weaver said her son has the same condition. They both have already gotten their third vaccine. She said other than a sore arm, they didn’t have a reaction.

She said she feels much more protected now, but it’s not going to stop her from taking all extra precautions.

“I still will be the one in the grocery store wearing a mask, or the stores, because I still think that’s very valuable,” she said.

The third shot is the same as what you have gotten with the first or second vaccine dose, and it’s only for the specific group of people.

Officials say a booster shot, meant for everyone, could be available by September 20th.

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