CHARLESTON, Ill. (WCIA) — We commonly check on pets and kids during intense heat, but a senior living center in Charleston said we also need to keep an eye on senior citizens.

Arbor Rose Senior Living said watching out for warning signs can potentially save a life.

Arbor Rose, like many places throughout Central Illinois, is limiting outdoor time and making sure everyone stays hydrated. Workers are periodically checking on all 19 residents.

The Executive Director said being a smaller facility helps make sure everyone is taken care of. But she said it’s something anyone can do and something everyone should do. Especially if you someone notices another person who’s confused out in the heat.

“So, if something seems off to you, just definitely stand out and make sure you say something to them, help them out, make sure they’re aware of where their car is,” Sandra Gillespie said. “If you see someone looking for, five minutes, two minutes, whatever, looking for their car after a shopping trip. Something could seem like nothing whenever you’re watching them, but they could be out there looking for an hour and you have no idea.”

She said it could be as easy as asking them if they’re okay. Arbor Rose is taking the heat so seriously, they’re rescheduling appointments if residents can’t stand the heat.

Above all, Gillespie said hydration is key and staying on top of that could help prevent other issues during this hot week.