WHITE HEATH, Ill. (WCIA) Since late Tuesday, White Heath Water Works customers have been under a boil order.

Kara Nigtlinger, an official on the board of directors for White Heath said the water is leaking somewhere, but at the moment they are unsure of where.

Tuesday night Erik Berkman, Public works official, had to shut off the water because the pressure pumps at the station could not keep up. They were losing water and continuing to, said Berkman.

“The pressure pumps are not keeping up. We have to shut them down overnight in order to fill the water tank. They are being shut down immediately and will be off until early morning. You will have no water pressure while they are off!!” he said on their Facebook page.

Officials are determining the cause.

For a boil order, boil water for five minutes before use.

Nightlinger said an alert system is in place that contacts each customer. If your contact information has changed she stated to contact her.