“Where’s Rodney” campaign turns heads


CHAMPAIGN — Some say their congressman isn’t listening to their concerns, so one woman did something that’s turning a lot of heads.

A campaign called “Where’s Rodney” is meant to send a message to Congressman Rodney Davis, asking him to come to town.
One woman created four cut-outs of Rodney Davis she calls “Flat Rodney.”
She’s bringing them around central Illinois to places where she says the congressman’s presence would be helpful.
She said the whole point of this is to bring Davis back to town to talk with him in person about topics like the Affordable Care Act, gun laws, and immigration issues.
“When you run for office, when you stand in front of the electorate and you say ‘I would like to represent you,’ that brings a certain responsibility along with it. You have to put time into your district. You have to talk to people. You have to meet with people. You have to interact with people. That’s what we would like to see him do,” said Laura Sandefur.
She created a Facebook page called “Flat Rodney’s Big Adventure” a few days ago.
The page lets people know where Flat Rodney will be next.
It already has almost 450 followers.
We reached out to Rodney Davis’s office for comment on this campaign, and for his thoughts on current political affairs, but he did not call us back.
Earlier this week a group of people sat in Davis’s Champaign office lobbying for him to host a town hall.
More than 30 people participated.
Even though Davis did not commit to an in-person town hall, he said he would be hosting a tele-town hall soon.

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