ILLINOIS (WCIA) — Thursday is April 20, otherwise known as 4/20, a date celebrated in the cannabis community with pot smoking rallies and social gatherings. As the day approaches, LawnStarter ranked the best and worst cities in the U.S. to get stoned, including two in Illinois.

The company compared the biggest and weed-friendliest U.S. cities based on 17 metrics like access to top-rated dispensaries, consumption lounges, bud and breakfasts, and munchie relievers. They excluded cities based on adult-use marijuana legality and smaller population size, leaving them with a total of 105 on the list.

The cities that ranked highest, and deemed to be the the best places to get stoned include:

  1. San Francisco, Calif.
  2. Los Angeles, Calif.
  3. Denver, Calif.
  4. Santa Ana, Calif
  5. Las Vegas Nev.
  6. Long Beach, Calif.
  7. Portland, Oreg.
  8. Torrance, Calif.
  9. San Diego, Calif.
  10. Eugene, Oreg.

The cities that scored at the bottom of the list, earning the rating of worst cities to get stoned include:

  1. Newark, N.J.
  2. Bridgeport, Conn.
  3. Joliet, Ill.
  4. Rockford, Ill.
  5. Paterson, N.J.
  6. Newport News, Va.
  7. Syracuse, N.Y.
  8. Hampton, Va.
  9. Surprise, Ariz.
  10. Chesapeake, Va.

In addition to Joliet and Rockford, a few other Illinois cities made the list. Chicago scored the highest landing at No. 64, while Naperville was No. 71. and Aurora at No. 95.

Other statistics across a variety of categories were collected in the ranking. The company said 12 states and the District of Columbia permitted home cannabis cultivation for recreational use. Missouri allowed the most with a total of 18, which is 50% more than Michigan, the next highest state.

Additionally, Las Vegas earned No. 1 in 420-friendly accommodations per square mile. Los Angeles earned No. 1 in bud and breakfasts, and San Francisco earned No. 1 in consumption lounges.

Foodie hotspots including New York, San Francisco, and Chicago earned the top munchie relievers. Officials said Los Angeles is the best region overall if you’re high and hungry.

More statistics on the rankings can be found here.