Watching for fraud


ILLINOIS — As voters head to the polls, the important thing is for everything to run smoothly. That’s why the attorney general is stepping in, just to keep an eye on things.

The attorney general sent out more than 170 teams of assistant attorney generals and investigators to monitor elections throughout the state. Their goal is to protect voters and their rights.

Investigators will make sure voters are doing the right thing, but also making sure ballots are processed correctly after being handed out. Investigators will also cross-check signatures.

They encourage voters to check their proper voting place prior to Election Day. The Sangamon County Clerk’s Office says the addition of more eyes will be helpful in catching potential mistakes.

They say the integrity of elections is strong across the state and investigators can help uphold that standard. Investigators will not only monitor, but are also there to help during the voting process.

If you suspect anyone of doing fraudulent actions, you can contact the attorney general’s office.


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