MONTGOMERY COUNTY, Ill. (WCIA) — Illinois State Police, along with people who were in the massive pile-up, are sharing images and photos with WCIA of their experiences on-scene on Interstate 55. WCIA’s Kevin Lighty was also on the scene and able to capture drone footage.

Illinois State Police closed Interstate 55 Monday morning after responding to multiple crashes with injuries. Police said that Troopers from Troop 6 and 8 responded to multiple crashes on Interstate 55 between mileposts 76 and 78 just before 11:00 a.m. ISP is said there were blackout conditions due to wind blowing dirt in the area between Divernon and Farmersville.

ISP has shared photos from the crash, including aerial images that show the large scale of the event.

Other people shared their photos from Interstate 55 as they were navigating through the area.

Bobbie Foster was traveling through the area from Lacon, Ill. and caught these images.

Nathan Cormier captured video of the visibility, as well as the first responders on the scene and shared with WCIA via Facebook.

Video courtesy: Nathan Cormier, Facebook