Walk n’ Roll to school day


URBANA, Ill. (WCIA) – Urbana mayor Diane Marlin met students at the bus Wednesday morning and walked with them to school.

“Anytime we can, we encourage people to walk to school, walk to the park, walk to other places” said Mayor Diane Marlin

She said it’s all part of creating a walkable, healthier community.

“This is a celebration and a way to encourage parents, children, families to walk to school, to get some exercise, and to enjoy being outside together.” said mayor Marlin.

Not only is it important to promote being healthy, it’s also important to promote being safe.

Mayor Marlin said “We need to make sure our community as safe as we can for pedestrians, bicyclists People who drive.”

Urbana police chief Bryant Seraphin Reminded drivers to follow the 20-mile per hour speed limit in school zones.

“Especially around these elementary schools they get a lot of really small children that unfortunately might run jump or skip out into the middle of traffic.” said Urbana police Chief Bryant Seraphin.

Reminding drivers the slower you go – the longer you have to react.
He also wants to encourage people to walk on the sidewalks, use the crosswalks, and follow the signs.


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