Votes needed to help man win custom motorcycle


VERMILION COUNTY, Ill. (WCIA) — Friends are looking for the community’s help in getting one man a new motorcycle.

Ron Cravens was in a motorcycle crash in 2013 that left him paralyzed from the upper chest down. That is according to his entry in the Dream Chopper contest through Orange County Choppers. The winner of the contest will receive a custom bike.

This photo shows Ron Cravens with his current motorcycle. His friend, Chris Jacobs, said the bike is constantly in the shop because of its age.

Cravens’ friend, Chris Jacobs, said his motorcycle is constantly in the shop. He said it is just old and beat up.

In Cravens’ entry, he said while growing up, his father rode motorcycles. “Some of my best childhood memories are me on the back while he went through the gears. I didn’t get my first street bike until 2007, a 1981 FLHS shoveled. I took it all the way to the frame, rebuilt it into a new bike.”

Also in his entry form, he was asked to describe his dream bike.

Stretched out with a big front wheel, air ride, bags stretched, trike rear-end on outside of bags, Bright fiery paint job to match my new wheelchair “fire orange” wheelchair rack mounted on the back…I think it would have to have at least a 110 cubic inch motor on it. I like speed.

Ron Cravens

He was also asked where he would take his chopper on the open road. He said, “As many places as possible.”

Cravens is in the run for the semi-finals of the competition. Jacobs said 32 people will make it to the next round. “Two groups of 16. Then down 1 to 1,” he stated.

Now, Jacobs said they need the community’s help in getting Cravens to the next round. Voting for this round ends Thursday night at 10 p.m. You can check out Cravens’ profile and cast your vote here.

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