Vote for new leaders in county


Candidates try to become state's attorney for county

DECATUR, Ill. (WCIA)– Hundreds of voters have already come out to the polls to vote for new leaders in Macon County. Three candidates jumped into the race to replace current State’s Attorney Jay Scott after he announced he would retire in November. Republican Scott Rueter is a 20 year veteran prosecutor and assistant public defender in Macon County. He was Macon County State’s Attorney from 2000-2004. “I have 20 years of experience as a prosecutor. 15 years now as a defense attorney and that gives me a unique perspective of having seen both sides of the court system to be able to understand what really is important in terms of driving cases forward,” said Rueter.

Republican Philip Tibbs is a partner with Geisler Law Offices in Decatur. He’s been there for more than 16 years and was an Assistant State’s Attorney before that. “I have clients everyday who express a need and obviously show the requirement to have assistance with mental health treatment or substance abuse treament, and we don’t have the resources in place at this time to help address those, and I think if we can expand those programs and address those issues, it’s going to make Macon County a safer place to live,” said Tibbs.

They are running against Democratic nominee Tammara “Tammy” Wagoner. Wagoner is running unopposed.

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