Volunteers raising money for community members in need


Clinton, Ill. (WCIA) — Volunteers are trying to help families in need in their community.

Salvation Army bell ringers used to stand outside the Walmart asking for donations, but the store closed their doors last year.

The bells stopped ringing, and so did the help.

The Neighborhood Care Center in Clinton was in charge of funds raised by bell ringers, and they made it their mission to continue helping.

Last year, they asked local businesses to donate. They raised more than $4,000, but ran out of money in October.

They say they had to turn down financial assistance to over 20 families.

“If Salvation army doesn’t help, there aren’t too many other resources for families locally to get help here,” says Neighborhood Care Center Director Cody Monkman. “And so that’s where I think it’s very unique, and I’m very proud that the care center makes that available.”

This year, they sent 150 letters out to businesses asking for donations.

They have already raised about $1,500. Their main goal is to have enough money last through the years to continue their mission.

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