Virtual healing after loss Covid-19 support group is forming


Urbana, Ill. (WCIA) —

“We’re coming up on year anniversaries for a lot of people so we have had interest,” Kimberly Harden, Carle, said.

Those are devastating anniversaries as people mourn the loss of loved ones to Covid-19, but a new program wants to help.

If you haven’t lost someone to Covid-19, you might know someone who has. Illinois entered the bridge phase today, but people across the state are still dying from Covid-19, and losing their family and friends to it.

“We’re just seeing a lot of people that unfortunately lost a loved one from Covid-19,” Harden said.

A support group is forming for those who lost a loved one to Covid-19.

“In order to meet the best needs for our patients, we wanted to respond to that and offer an outlet for them,” Harden said.

The group is through Carle. It will be virtual and offer six sessions

“Each of those sessions is going to cover a different aspect. So we’ll be talking about self care, we’ll be talking about the future, we’ll be talking about dealing with grief,” Harden said.

Even though the state is moving into the bridge phase, the pandemic is not over, and some people are still grieving the loss of their loved ones.

“People have lost loved ones at various points of time. For some, its maybe been a year, for others its unfortunately its been a couple weeks. So there’s a continued need for support throughout this experience,” Harden said.

For one man, its only been six months since his wife died from Covid.

“I’d tested positive at the same time that she did so whenever she died it was still 14 days of not having anyone around, just being locked up at home alone,” Tim Kater said.

He says he joined some support groups and they have been helpful in his grieving process

“It helps to be in some groups that are just about loss in general because you get people who are further out in their grieving process,” Kater said.

He says losing someone to Covid is different, and that even the virtual groups were still intimate and helpful.

“Being able to find people that are going through the same thing I think’s definitely beneficial and will definitely help,” Kater said.

The sessions start May 25th. If you want to sign up email or call 217-383-4581.

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