DANVILLE, Ill. (WCIA) – Danville had its first “Community Day” Saturday. The Violence Prevention Task Force invited families to spend the afternoon in Garfield Park. They said they can’t just keep hoping for an end to violence; they have to act.

“We want to be proactive, over reactive in ending violence,” Survivor Resource Center Director of Prevention, Education and Outreach Tara Wright said.

Many organizations showed their support. The Danville NAACP, Survivor Resource Center, Boys and Girls Club and more co-sponsored the event. They wanted to provide a free opportunity for families to come together and feel supported.

Saturday was just the first of many Community Days. The task force was given a three-year grant worth around $200,000. Their mission is to stamp out all kinds of violence in Vermilion County, including shootings and sexual assault. But they also want to support survivors, and provide them with resources to help them heal.

“It’s very person-centered when we think of what happens to a person and how it impacts them, how it impacts their family members around them. And we want everybody to feel comfortable in knowing there is a way. Don’t give up hope. Let us help you find it again if it’s been lost, because some of us have been there,” Wright said.

She said all the Survivor Resource Center’s services are free and confidential, and she wanted to partner with other local providers to offer the best care.

The task force also addressed Covid-19 losses in the community. They provided free testing and vaccine access.

The group said if you want to keep up with their future events, you can look out for their Facebook page that’ll be coming soon. For now, you can reach out to the Survivor Resource Center directly at (217) 446-1337.