Vinyls making a come back


DECATUR — Listening to music on a record machine is becoming more popular.

It’s a trend music store owners have been noticing over the last couple of years. This holiday season was the highest they’ve seen so far.

“Whatever is good eventually comes around again.”
And that might be why the demand for vinyl records is soaring.
“Christmas was kind of crazy with the records usually they’d go over with the records and browse movies or cds now they’re all over the records.”
GBs music in Decatur has been around for nearly 30 years. They never thought these old things would make a comeback.
“we went like for like 20 some years without anybody wanting records. It’s increased our business.”
Gary Laskowski is a co-owner with his brother bob. Inside their shop they’ve got more than 20 thousand records for sale. But who’s picking them up may surprise you.
“3/4 of people buying records are millenials like 18-35.”
A few years ago they noticed more were flying off the shelves.
“They’re listening to music I grew up with which is you know good, it’s good music.”
Some say it’s because the quality is better.
“Even the producer of the Beatles said you’ve never heard the Beatles unless you’ve heard it on a record.”
Others say it’s just a blast from the past.
“They’re going back to the old ways of records, which is very cool.”
But one things for sure. They were a hit this holiday season.
“So many parents have bought record players for their kids its crazy.”
It doesn’t matter if you’re wanting to hear some heavy metal. Or a hit song on the radio today. Records are here to stay.
“For every CD that comes out just about every one there’s a record to go with it.”

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