Village of Tilton looking for state, federal funding necessary for road, infrastructure upgrades


TILTON, Ill. (WCIA)–The Village of Tilton is trying to make major upgrades to one of its most important intersections. They’re trying to extend the ramps for the I-74 exits into G Street, the main road to access the town.

“The westbound off-ramp in particular is very dangerous,” Alex Kedas, who has been helping the village apply for grants said. “We could go out there right now and see the six skid marks from semi’s not trying to hit other cars.”

There hasn’t been a deadly accident along that ramp, but village leaders aren’t taking any chances, or waiting any longer.

“What we need to be able to do is lengthen the ramps to have stop signs there,” Kedas said.

The G Street Project will cost the village $8 million dollars to complete.nUpgrades would go toward installing new stop signs, extending the east and westbound ramps into town, and increasing the height of the clearance bridge for larger trucks to pass through.

Some of that money is also being used for infrastructure. For example, alongside the westbound ramp,
the village is planning to construct a truck stop in a couple of months. Kedas said that stop could by itself generate nearly $28 million a year, and bring sustainable job opportunities into town.

The problem for Tilton now, is finding the funds to cover an $8 million dollar expense.
The village has applied for several state and federal grants for the project and are hoping the State’s Department of Transportation will step in to alleviate some of those costs.

The Village hopes to have enough funds to move forward with the project next July.

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