PESOTUM, Ill. (WCIA) — “It has been going on for a while,” Joyce Ragle of Pesotum said.

Pesotum Village President Joyce Ragle is talking about noise complaints both from people who live in Pesotum and a village trustee.

They say the bands that play on Sunday at Route 45 Wayside are too loud, specifically the bass.

More than 20 people showed up to a village meeting to support the bar, but what remained unanswered was how to properly file a complaint.

“Advise them to call Lora at the bar or the manager working at the bar and let them know what the complaint is and give her the opportunity to take care of that issue,” Ragle said.

Ragle says that’s how complaints are currently handled. Bar owner Lora Tempel says that’s never happened.

“I have never received a phone call from a neighbor from a public saying it’s too loud”, Tempel said.

The conversation in public comment led to a discussion on the town’s noise ordinance.

“It’s when there is a noise complaint that is upsetting to your neighbor because for some issue it’s too loud and then it would be investigated,” Ragle said.

After hearing from the community Ragle says the board is considering solutions.

“We need to revise the noise ordinance it is outdated, and we’ve talked about revising some of our ordinances for quite a while. We do need to that,” Ragle said.

Tempel says moving forward she wants transparency.

“I think there does need to be a name behind it because if it’s the same person time after time after time or like Rob said somebody doesn’t like one the board members or something and they just want to make a complaint, just to make a complaint,” Tempel said.

The next village board meeting will be October 19th at the Community Building. The meeting is open to the public.