Village looks at trustee district maps


RANTOUL, Ill. (WCIA) — The village is on its way to more diverse leadership.

In November 2018, a referendum in Rantoul passed to get rid of its current system of appointing village trustees. They have maps that show how new leadership will ensure all of Rantoul represented.

Village trustees have always been appointed by an “at large” basis. However, when the village board looked at the map and took note of where all the current trustees actually live, it was all about Route 136. That means less than half of the entire land area in Rantoul was represented. That is exactly why some concerned citizens rallied to make a change.

Now, the village will be divided into six districts. Each district will have a trustee on the board in the future.

Version A22

There are two different versions of the map that people can look over right now. They vary slightly based on factors like splitting up versus keeping together historic neighborhoods and school zoning. However, no matter which one gets approved, the village administrator believes this will solve the issue of unequal representation. “That was one of the hopes that they had in seeing the maps drawn, is that every aspect of the community would be represented through these districts, and I think we’ve accomplished that,” said Scott Eisenhauer.

Version A3

There will be an open house on the 30th of this month so people can see the two different maps and put in their comments about which should be used. Final approval will come sometime in May. When Rantoul voters go to the polls in Spring 2021, they will be voting on trustees only from their district.

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