CHAMPAIGN, Ill. (NEXSTAR) — Rantoul Village Administrator Scott Eisenhauer could avoid going to trial for misdemeanor domestic battery if he completes a special second chance program.

Eisenhauer was arrested in June after police said that during an argument, he pushed his wife, pulled her hair and tried to prevent her from calling 9-1-1. He pleaded not guilty.

Eisenhauer is now enrolled in a second chance program Champaign County offers. If he pays a fine, completes an online course and logs 15 hours of community service, the case against him will be dismissed.

Champaign County States Attorney Julia Rietz said the victim is asked if they accept the terms in cases of domestic abuse.

“In domestic violence cases, we’re always going to be working with the victim and ensuring that the victim agrees with that sort of a resolution,” Rietz said.

Champaign County recently started offering this program for misdemeanor domestic violence cases, but it had been used for other first-time offenders of other misdemeanors.

“We had been using this process for general misdemeanors for quite a while. The company that we use for the Online Education program expanded into an online conflict resolution domestic violence program,” Rietz said. “And so, we’ve started using that probably for the past at least six months, if not more. So, it’s relatively new, but the concept of first offender misdemeanor. Second Chance is not new.”

If he doesn’t finish the program within 60 days, or if he is charged in a separate offense, Eisenhauer will lose his spot in the program, and the trial will go on.