VILLA GROVE, IL (WCIA) — Two central Illinois communities are under a boil order. Camargo’s started on Monday and Villa Grove has been under one since Saturday.

People said they are used to it, with many being indifferent or not even knowing about it. But some people were frustrated it’s gone on this long. People can’t use the city’s water to brush their teeth, give water to their pets or make ice.

The city advises people to boil their water even if they are using a water filter. Some businesses are leaving water bottles in the bathrooms for customers to use when washing their hands and others said that because of the boil order, they aren’t seeing customers at all.

“A lot of people don’t even realize that we’re under a boil order,” said one store manager. “I think a lot of the information is just put on Facebook and some people don’t have access to that. So they come in wondering why we have absolutely nothing to give them, so yeah it’s definitely a huge inconvenience.”

The boil order was given after a water main break and the city is awaiting test results of water that was sampled on Monday. Updates can be found on the city’s Facebook page and webpage; until then, Villa Grove advises its people to follow the boil water notice.