Victory Over Violence: People in Danville call for peace


DANVILLE, Ill (WCIA) – It started Saturday morning. Police in Danville were called to the area of Franklin and Davis St. That’s where they found 2 16-year-olds with gun shot wounds. They said they were on the train tracks when someone started shooting at them.

Then just minutes later, they were called to Deerwood Dr. They found Bryson Carter in the road shot several times. He later died at the hospital.

Tuesday another report of gun shots on Giddings St. A man was shot while standing outside of a home.

People in Danville say the string of gun violence is disappointing

“Families are hurting. So, I’m just really sad. I know we’re better than this as a community,” LeStan Hoskins, a pastor in the community, said.

Hoskins was born and raised in Danville and is now a pastor there. He said things are different from when he was growing up.

“No, no things have changed. There have been a lot of guns being pedaled, gang activity, and so what we’re trying to do is bring it back to the place we all love. Where people feel safe in our community. People feel comfortable in our community, and people can be proud to say hey, I’m from Danville,” he said.

He said the community goes through cycles of violence. Over the past couple of months, things were calmer. Now, he feels they’re in a bad cycle, but he believes things can get better if everyone comes together.

“What we have to do as a community is rally together, and come together, and say this has to stop. If we see something, we have to say something, and we have to do our best to try and curb this problem,” he said.

Hoskins said too many families are hurting in Danville. He said if you or someone you know wants or needs help, to reach out. He said there are plenty of community members who want to help.

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