Victory Over Violence: Champaign teen is spending his spare time helping grow the family business


CHAMPAIGN, Ill. (WCIA) – Mekhi Christmon is a junior at Central High School in Champaign.
At 16-years-old, he already helps his mom, Dayanna Christmon, run their family business.

“My mamas’ business, well our business. I’m mostly the muscle. I like to move the stuff and I help make the stuff, but I like to move the stuff more,” Mekhi said.

It’s called Days Remembered Candles. It was first started in memory of a family member.

Now, Dayanna said it’s something she’s able to do with her kids and teach them some important lessons.

“I want to show them you can accomplish this. You can get to that goal, to where you’re going to work for yourself, and you don’t have to punch nobody’s clock,” she said.

Mekhi said he is learning a lot of things he plans to use in the future.

He and his mom both said a big thing for them is bringing generational wealth to the family.

“It means a lot, that means our like people past my time, my family past my time are going to have money. Like hand-me-down money. It’ll keep going and keep going. I hope our business lasts forever,” Mekhi said.

“Generational wealth, you know something different for my kids. I always want them to be their own bosses. So, I said it starts with me,” Dayanna said.

For his mom, one of the best parts is that he wants to be a part of the business.

“I feel like I’m so happy he wants to be involved. That’s what makes me happy. Like he’s not out here, you know, in the gangs in the violence. He’s really wanting to be involved in the business and making money,” she said.

Mekhi said one day he plans to take over the family business with his sisters. He has even started taking classes, and joining groups to learn more about running businesses and investing.

His message to others is if you want to make your own money, start a business.

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