DECATUR, Ill. (WCIA) — Glen Brady turns 103 next week. He may be hard of hearing and blind now, but he can talk about World War II as if it was yesterday.

“Mostly what we went through was night bombings,” Brady said. “The Germans would send airplanes over in the daytime to see if there was any, I suppose, different activity in the harbor and if there was, they would send bombers at night and bomb pretty heavy.”

His age hasn’t taken away his memory of war.

“I was an Army medic, but I did multiple things,” Brady said. “We were the most decorated honored unit of the medical profession. Got the most awards in Europe and Africa.”

Brady traveled the world during World War II, including England, Africa and Italy.

“I did see a lot of bad things,” Brady said. “The first patients we received was terrible.”

He was also in charge of prisoners of war.

“In Africa, I was in charge of feeding the Italian prisoners and the German prisoners,” Brady said.

He was alive with some of history’s big names, like President Dwight Eisenhower and General George Patton. But he also locked eyes with some infamous enemies, like German Field Marshal Erwin Rommel.

“We called him the Desert Fox because he escaped, and Hitler appointed him,” Brady said.

Brady said he is thankful he was never seriously hurt.

“I got sick and I was fortunate to be sent home,” Brady said. “So I got home and discharged in Battle Creek, Michigan.”

From there, he returned home to Macon County and eventually moved to Arizona to start and raise a family. He moved back to Decatur after his wife died and now lives in an assisted living facility.

He recently got to go on an honor flight and now enjoys the simplicity of everyday life and telling war stories.