Mayor against idea of 11.25 percent sales tax

Vermilion County

DANVILLE, Ill. (WCIA) — The mayor said he’s against an idea that would raise the city’s sales tax to one of the highest in the country.

A plan from the Hoopeston School Board would increase the sales tax across Vermilion County by one percent, but it would only go on the county’s ballot if more than half of the other school districts in the county agreed.

If it passed, it would put Danville at an 11.25 percent sales tax. To put that in perspective, Chicago’s sales tax is currently 10.25 percent.

Danville Mayor Rickey Williams said even though he supports school, he said people are tired of taxes, and it could do more harm than good.

“We have to be reasonable,” said Williams. “And if we make it so that people don’t want to come here because it’s so expensive, then we are creating a problem for our community because we will lose revenue, we will lose visitors, and then that’s even less money to do the things we need in town.”

The proposed sales tax wasn’t the only topic the mayor spoke to WCIA about. To see our full interview with the mayor, click here.

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