Communities continue to recover after storms

Vermilion County

VERMILION COUNTY (WCIA) — Another storm rocked Danville and it’s surrounding communities Sunday with strong winds and some more hail.

Just three months ago, the county was hit with a storm that caused millions of dollars in damages. Many of the people affected have not even fully recovered yet.

Gusts got up to 60 miles per hour and at multiple spots around the county, you can see corn blown over because of it. Trees and limbs were also an issue because of some landing on power lines. Hundreds were left without electricity and power companies were out until four a.m. restoring it.

Westville Police estimate they received hundreds of calls Sunday and into Monday. Chief David Booe says his cruiser still has hail dents from May’s storm. Body shops in town are so backed up that it will not get fixed until January. He says this year, there is no such thing as light rain in Vermilion County.

“It seems like in this area when it rains, it rains,” says Booe. “We needed the rain really bad, but not like it did. We needed two to three days of soft rain, not two to three inches in an hour.”

Sirens in Westville did go off yesterday, but there were no tornadoes spotted in the area. While it was not the softball-sized hail they saw in May, they did get one-inch hail.

Four bids were submitted to Westville to fix their village owned roofs damaged earlier this year. A meeting will be held Wednesday to determine which bid will be selected.

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