Casino license application still pending

Vermilion County

DANVILLE, Ill. (WCIA) — An application for a new casino to be built in Danville was filed October last year, but developers still don’t have the go-ahead to break ground at the 42-acre site.

Haven Gaming, LLC was chosen to be the operator for the casino in October, when the license application was due. The development would have a resort and spa on-site, along with a live-music venue.

When the Illinois Gaming Board (IGB) reconvened June 11, there was no action taken on the proposed Danville license.

In an emailed statement, a representative with the Illinois Gaming Board (IGB) said each new casino application “is unique and complex, and there is no typical timeline for the Board’s review and investigation process,” adding they don’t comment on potential timelines, hypothetical operational scenarios, or potential future IGB action.

The Illinois Gaming Act allows the IGB one year to process, vet, investigate, and decide whether to approve or deny a casino license application. Once that timeframe expires, the IGB has to provide a written explanation to the applicant explaining why the IGB didn’t a determination and when it reasonably expects to do so.

“The COVID-19 Pandemic has impacted the IGB, just as it has impacted government agencies and private businesses across Illinois, but IGB staff across all divisions remain at work performing the agency’s functions,” said the IGB representative.

They added that they do no comment on the status of pending applications, other than to say they were processing, vetting, and investigating submitted applications.

In an emailed statement, Danville Mayor Rickey Williams Jr. said June 9 there was no new information to provide about the proposed casino and could not comment on the matter.

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