VERMILION COUNTY, Ill. (WCIA) — The Vermilion County Animal Shelter is pressing charges after two neglected horses were recently seized from their owners.

The shelter investigated an undisclosed property after getting calls from people who were troubled by the horses’ appearances. They were taken into the animal shelter’s care two weeks ago, after shelter officers and deputies spoke to the owners and gained grounds for seizure.

A Vermilion County Animal Control Officer said the horses’ current conditions is a tragic situation.

“It’s absolutely heartbreaking because I’ve done my homework and years ago, both these horses were absolutely incredible animals. Not to say they aren’t now, but they were in amazing condition under the prior owner, and they were saddled, they were ridden,” Animal Control Officer Kathleen Orcutt said. “They had great lives ahead of them. Not to say being a pasture pony isn’t a wonderful retirement, but they could’ve had a lot more and unfortunately, it had to come to this.”

The animal shelter said on social media that the horses are being well fed and are making a swift recovery. If the current owners cannot provide a month’s-worth of expenses for their care, the horses will become county property and be moved to a rescue.