DANVILLE, Ill. (WCIA) — Yellow Trucking Company layoffs are impacting drivers all across the country, including Vermilion County. Tens of thousands are out of a job, and one company in Danville ceased operations on Sunday.

Now, city programs are looking to give workers a helping hand.

The Teamsters Union said the 99-year-old company is headed for bankruptcy and has been for years. More than 30,000 jobs were cut with the Sunday closures. Hollands Trucking in Danville is one of them.

The CEO of Vermilion Advantage, Tim Dudley, said these are the type of moments they prepare for. He said they’re looking to place impacted drivers with other trucking companies in the area. If there aren’t enough positions, they’re ready to train workers and help them get into other fields.

There is no set number of how many people were affected in Vermilion County, but Dudley said Vermilion Advantage is ready to help as many as they can. Expanding economic opportunities in the area isn’t just for bringing more people in, Dudley said. It’s also for taking care of the people already there.