DANVILLE, Ill. (WCIA) — VA Illiana in Danville is using this year of celebration by sharing its history. They rolled out a shuttle bus for veterans and employees Thursday.

They wanted to share the full scope of everything the VA has to offer.

They started the first-of-its-kind tour at one of the busiest buildings — outpatient services. It wrapped around showing the disc golf course, pond, on-campus housing, and the historic cemetery. But the tour wasn’t all about the amenities. 

They also wanted to make sure veterans are up to date on the recently passed pact act. It made some changes to benefits and services offered for veterans from all eras.

“It also expanded services for people who may have experienced toxic exposure. So, we’re telling people maybe you weren’t eligible before but come see us and see if you’re eligible now because eligibility has expanded, and we want to serve you,” said Dori Camacho Torres, Public Affairs Officer.

Thursday was the only day for the tour. But they’re already making plans for next month’s anniversary event.

You can check your eligibility at VA.gov.