ILLINOIS (WCIA) — Have you used Snapchat any time since November 2015? You could be eligible for some money.

Am I eligible?

According to the settlement notice, you could be eligible if you are/were an Illinois resident who used “Lenses” or “Filters” from Snap between November 17, 2015 and now.

What led to this settlement?

Officials said a class action lawsuit was filed against Snap, Inc. because they were accused of violating Illinois’ Biometric Information Privacy Act. They are accused of “collecting and storing biometric identifiers and/or biometric information (collectively, “biometric data”) through the use of the “Lenses” and “Filters” features offered by Snap without complying with BIPA’s requirements.” The defendant, Snap, denies all wrongdoing.

How much money could I get?

If approved, the payout would be $35,000,000. There is no word yet on how much money each person who files a claim would receive. Money will be paid out after the court grants final approval. The final approval hearing is set for November 17.

What do I need to do?

You have until November 5, 2022 to file your claim. To file your claim, click here.

If you are not sure you are in the settlement class, you can call (844) 939-4343. You can also email the settlement administrator at