URBANA, Ill. (WCIA) – It’s been two months since an Urbana man was shot and killed, but his sister said things haven’t gotten any easier. The family of 24-year-old Taveon Davis is still waiting for his killer to be brought to justice. He’s one of three people who were murdered in the city last year.

Urbana saw a 61.7% decrease in shots fired incidents last year, from 115 in 2021 down to 44. As for homicides, the department reported there were 10 in 2021, and three last year. Although the numbers show progress, families like Davis’s would say that’s still three too many.

“Talked to him two days before, he sounded happy. He sounded good. They just took him away from me,” Taveon Davis’s sister, Robernae Perry said. “I couldn’t sleep, I couldn’t eat, I couldn’t think straight,” she said.

Perry still chokes up when she remembers her worst nightmare – a phone call she got on the night of November 9.

“I’m still here like, ‘where’s my brother, where’s my brother?’ I don’t have any closure with that,” Perry said.

Police said Davis was shot near Philo Road and Michigan Avenue. He was a music lover, a father of three and just shy of 25 when he died.

“This, right here – I just couldn’t protect him from,” Perry said.

Even though it’s been two months, Perry said she hasn’t been able to mourn her brother properly because she gave birth to her daughter a day before his funeral.

“But I feel him close, I do. Spiritually I feel him,” she said.

Perry said there’s a lot of questions left unanswered by her brother’s murder. But she believes she knows who shot him, and why. She said it was over a woman – the same thing she said motivated a different man to shoot him several years ago.

“He needed love. He wanted love. And he’d find that by any means,” Perry said.

She’s waiting for the day Davis’s killer is behind bars and guns are put down for good.

“Some time, I’ll have to come to my senses and let him go. But I haven’t gotten there yet,” Perry said.

The numbers are in for several other Central Illinois cities. Danville saw 39 shootings and seven fatalities last year, up from 35 shootings and six fatalities in 2021. Decatur saw 127 shootings last year, not including December, and 179 in 2021. Decatur police reported 15 homicides last year, not including December, up from eight in 2021.