URBANA, ILL. (WCIA) — The school district outlined more of its plans for modified in-person learning, which is set to begin for some elementary school students on October 26.

Principals have asked elementary teachers to submit names of students who haven’t been engaging remotely, those who need more one-on-one lessons and students who have language or special needs that aren’t being addressed through remote learning.

Dr. Jennifer Ivory-Tatum said teaching assistants will be assigned with a particular focus on students who have IEPs.

K-2 learning will start for small groups of students on the 26th at King, Wiley, Leal and DPW. Students will be spread out in multiple rooms with 4 to 5 per class.

The district is also encouraging more usage of the Learning Labs for students in grades 3-5 at the above schools, as well as Thomas Paine and Yankee Ridge.