URBANA, Ill. (WCIA) – The city of Urbana said it is ready to help those losing their jobs after one of its last standing factories is set to close.

The Dart Container Corporation is laying off more than 130 people at its Urbana plant. Not many workers have spoken openly about the closure, though Urbana officials said they are disappointed. The plant has been employing people in the area for decades.

“They manufacture the iconic Solo cup packaging, other types of packaging, and that sort of thing,” said Urbana Mayor Diane Marlin” But they’ve been, I think they’ve been decreasing the workforce here for several years.”

Marlin said she heard the news Friday afternoon, when Dart sent her a letter informing that about 135 people will be out of their jobs. Economic Development Supervisor Stepheny McMahon said the announcement came as a shock.

“Any city hates to lose a major employer and lose the jobs,” she said. “And [we are] kind of just disappointed. We had no idea. We were all very surprised, as was the community.”

McMahon said that now, it is time to help these people find new work in town.

“Find jobs that meet the skills of these workers and help them transition here in Urbana,” McMahon said. “We don’t want to lose them to other communities.”

McMahon said she has been looking into transitioning Dart employees to other jobs, which they will need to find by the fall.

“There are businesses who will want these laborers right away,” she said.

Marlin said she has not spoken to anyone from Dart yet. Depending on what the company wants to do with the factory, it may be an opportunity for another business to come in.

“You know, one door closes, another opens,” Marlin said. “This is an opportunity. This is a very large area in a very good location in Urbana. So we’ll be exploring options, hopefully, and they’ll work with us to do that.”

Regardless of the factory’s future, McMahon wants Dart employees to know they can contact the city of Urbana for help in finding new employment when the time comes.

“We’re going to keep moving forward and see what we can do to help make this transition and keep Urbana growing,” she said.

Dart’s said in their letter to Marlin that they are closing the plant due to low production volume. They are currently operating until they fulfill pre-existing orders.