URBANA, Ill. (WCIA) — Urbana Police officers will soon have a new training regimen to help them decide when to intervene concerning the behavior of other officers.

The Active Bystander for Law Enforcement (ABLE) Project is a training program developed by the Georgetown University Law Center for Innovations in Community Safety. It prepares officers to successfully intervene to prevent misconduct, avoid police mistakes and promote officer health and wellness. The training teaches officers how to successfully intervene and protects those who do while authorizing and empowering officers to intervene in another officers’ actions regardless of rank.

The Urbana Police Department adopted the ABLE Project training at the request of Interim Chief of Police Richard Surles. The adoption received support from a number of city officials, including the mayor, administrator, city council and other local officials.

ABLE training will be provided to Urbana Police officers in the coming months and will continue until all officers are trained.

More information about the ABLE Project can be found on Georgetown Law’s website.