Urbana Park District asks for input from the public about one park’s road


URBANA, Ill. (WCIA) — One group is asking for your input on a possible road change at a park.

The Urbana Park District is hosting an “Open Road Day” at Crystal Lake.

Leaders want to provide a day where you can talk about the park’s road.

Right now, there’s two way traffic, but that could change to a one-way to reduce any issues with bikers and pedestrians.

“The park district likes to get input from the public for a lot of major projects that we have going on,” said Andy Rousseau, a project manager with the Urbana Park District. “We think it’s a viable part of the process. But the one way road transition is quite a big change for the way the park has operated.”

The “Open Road Day” will be on October 3rd.

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