Urbana mayor declares ‘Supermarket Employee Day’ in city


Mayor visits local grocery stores to thank employees for service during pandemic

URBANA, Ill. (WCIA) — To celebrate National Supermarket Employee Day, Urbana Mayor Diane Marlin visited local grocery stores to thank them for their work during the pandemic.

In a news release, she declared February 22nd as “Supermarket Employee Day” in the City of Urbana. In the city, 2,041 food retail jobs have generated $351.4 million in economic activity.

Mayor Marlin said she is proud not only for the work these employees have done, but also the diversity of food choices from stores in town.

“People depend on their grocery stores for food, and that’s contributed to the continued health and well-being of our community,” Marlin said.

Sam Carroll, the manager at Urbana’s Schnucks, said he and his employees were grateful for the gesture.

“Through the pandemic, the teammates have worked really hard to get groceries to the shelf and in the hands of the customer,” Carroll said. “So for her to stop by and say thank you for Supermarket Day, it was a great morale boost.”

Marlin said local grocery stores are just as important as big supermarkets. One of the places she stopped by, El Progreso, talked about picking up even more of a workload ever since the pandemic hit. Manager Angel Corado said they’ve had to deal with longer hours, trips, and restocking to keep a steady food supply.

He said receiving an official proclamation gave them the motivation they need to keep moving forward.

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