URBANA, Ill., (WCIA) — If you use artificial sweeteners like Truvia on a regular basis, doctors want you to know it may not be helping you as you think.

A new study shows higher levels of erythritol are correlated with a higher chance of heart attack or stroke. That’s because the sweetener can make platelet cells more reactive, leading to an increased chance of clotting.

Dr. Krishna Prasad Kurpad, a cardiologist at Carle Health, weighed in.

He said it’s popular in keto diets because it doesn’t have calories or carbohydrates. But, he also knows there are other ways to maintain a healthy lifestyle.

“I think cutting back on the overall calorie intake, cutting back on saturated fats and carbohydrates in general,” he said. “And opting for a more diet and exercise.”

He said researchers aren’t yet sure how much is too much before causing issues, but the FDA has recommended guidelines.

If you plan to make any diet changes, he recommends talking to your doctor first.