Unit 4: Third time the charm?

Unit 4 referendum 1

CHAMPAIGN — The Unit 4 referendum is one of the most anticipated votes on Election Day. It’s the third time the proposal has been on the ballot in one form or another.

The district is looking for $183 million in upgrades. Six schools would be impacted. A “yes” vote would allow renovations and expansions for Central and Centennial high schools and the demolition and rebuilding of Dr. Howard.

The owner of a $150,000 home would pay about $300 more per year in taxes. The school board president says he feels good about the vote in the sense they feel there’s nothing else they could have done to prepare for this vote.

People with the school district were on street corners, in the rain, holding up Unit 4 signs supporting the referendum one last time.

Last week, several meetings were held as last minute chances for voters to ask questions. A facilities committee met every week for months to identify which schools need the most work.

They tried to make sure the public was involved. The main goal was emphasized as having an “open and honest” conversation.

They hope it worked. They say they trust and respect the process which is now in the hands of voters. 

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