Unemployment rates down for fifth straight month


SPRINGFIELD, Ill. (WCIA) — The state reported another month of improved job numbers compared to last year. The decrease in unemployment rates extends across all 14 metropolitan areas except Bloomington.

“Our industry typically sees the trends earlier than other industries just because of the nature of our business and the number of businesses we touch,” JT Britton, owner of Express Employment said. “We tend to see sort of a leading edge.”

Express employment helps people find both temporary and full time jobs across most of central Illinois.
During the last three months, the owner says they have seen a pretty significant uptick in new applications — up almost 30 percent — but he also said they are still no where near back to the number of applicants they had before the pandemic.

“We have currently with this uptick in applications, we still have over 100 open jobs all across the segments and industries that we service,” Britton said.

He attributes the change in numbers to school starting back up and expanded unemployment benefits ending in the state.

“During the summer, people also had child care issues, because they were relying on after school programs and other programs to help out,” Britton said.

The Illinois Department of Employment Security offices are all reopened in the state for appointments now.
The state is trying to fight the labor shortage by offering more services.

“As reopening and recovery efforts continue to impact metro areas across the state, IDES is committed to continuing to assist both claimants and jobseekers who are still looking to reenter the workforce,” Deputy Governor Andy Manar said in a statement.

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