URBANA, Ill. (WCIA) – U of I police are cracking down on drunk driving. The department said they’ve been keeping an eye on drivers who may be impaired during their routine duties.

They haven’t done any special patrols, but they look for clues like drifting in and out of lanes, driving at night without headlights, and slurred speech. That has led to several arrests over the past few weeks.

The issue hits home for the department. Last year, an off-duty lieutenant was killed by a drunk driver.

“That’s not why they’re going out and doing this enforcement, but it is definitely something that is in the back of their minds that keeps them mindful about the consequences of drunk driving and the effect you can really have on someone’s life because we’ve all seen it firsthand here,” UIPD Director of Strategic Communications Patrick Wade said.

He says UIPD has the county’s only drug recognition expert on staff. That person is specially trained to detect people who are under the influence. He said the department will continue to enforce drunk driving violations strictly.