CHAMPAIGN, Ill. (WCIA)– The Illinois wellness ambassador initiative promotes safety on the University’s campus. Their goal is to reinforce good behavior to helps limit the spread of coronavirus.

Ambassador Rachel Brokenshire believes students could be more likely to abide by CDC guidelines if the instructions come with a reward.

“I feel like for students, when they see other people doing something, they try to follow that, at least with masks and everything.” Brokenshire said.

The wellness ambassadors also encourage students to get their flu shots. Fellow ambassador Emily Grayburn said getting vaccinated is especially crucial to prevent another epidemic.

“It’s nice that there’s actually a vaccine that’s simple and can prevent it, unlike coronavirus. It just takes like five minutes too, so why wouldn’t you?” Grayburn said.

And for students struggling through the mental toll of the coronavirus, ambassadors encourage them to focus on what they can control.

“Of course things are very different.” Brokenshire said. “It kind of sucks sometimes but then you just know hopefully things will get better.”

With the wellness ambassador program, the university hopes it can continue to promote the behavior they need from students in order to return to on-campus learning.

“We all want to be here,” Grayburn said. “And if we continue to socially distance, get tested, and try to not come into contact with people who don’t have mask, then we can stay on campus and have some small social gatherings.”

Any students who wish to become a Wellness Ambassador may apply here.