UI Researchers to lead national initiative


UNIVERSITY OF ILLINOIS — Some researchers and scientists at the are taking on some extra homework.

They’ve been named leaders for a new nationwide energy initiative. It’s called the REMADE Institute. “REMADE” stands for “Reducing Embodied-Energy and Decreasing Emissions”.

The goal is to drive down the cost it takes to recycle materials involved in manufacturing. Researchers say the ultimate goals are to save energy and keep things out of landfills.

Magdi Azer of the Illinois Applied Research Institute was named the REMADE Institute’s Chief Technology Officer.

“Today, if you take some aluminum,” says Azer, “And you recycle it, what it ends up doing is going into a soda can. That’s called ‘downcycling’. We want to find ways to improve how we process that material, so that we can reuse it again and again and again in airplanes, not just in aluminum cans.”

Deborah Thurston was named the leader of the Institute’s Design for Reuse/Disassembly node.

“The original equipment manufacturer can do this process cost effectively,” says Thurston, “And really make the most of the energy that was spent making the product in the first place, so that energy doesn’t get wasted.”

The REMADE institute is made up of 26 universities, 44 companies, and several laboratories, trade groups, and foundations.


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